Happy New Year and Happy New Decade from Ocean Spirit!!!We check in today from Slip B10 at Legacy Harbour Marina in Fort Myers. Though this is a New Year’s post, we send each of you a greeting with Christmas JOY. Thanks to our boat dock neighbor’s son-in-law (Jon Benson…promise, no relation!) for capturing so expressively Ocean Spirit, our decorative message, the glitz of the condominium backdrop and the glimpse of a beautiful… Read More

It can be amazing what you learn when you visit……a bathroom. Whenever I can, I use one on land. OK, I know that’s too much information about a very personal issue 🙂 So, I’ll get straight to the point. Today, I made a return visit to a church I found last weekend. After spending a lovely Thanksgiving with dear friends on Anna Maria Island, we came back to an area near Sarasota…. Read More

Fall finally arrived in Florida and we took advantage of the considerably cooler weather to get Ocean Spirit out on the water. Oh, how sweet it has been. We wanted to venture off the dock immediately after I returned from my trip up north, but the summer just wouldn’t give up. The October temperatures remained in the 90-degree range…way too hot to be without air conditioning. No cranky admirals needed on this… Read More

Warning: This post has nothing to do with travel on Ocean Spirit, but rather with the Ocean Spirit sense of adventure… I recently returned from an incredible trip and can’t resist sharing the highlights with you. While we were still in Stuart, I conjured up quite a plan to get an item I had been wanting, as well, to escape the Florida summer’s heat, humidity and the intensity of the last half… Read More

…Despair…Massive Destruction…”Equivalent to a F4 Tornado for 48 Hours”…Lost Everything…Beyond Imaginable… Literally, There are no words to adequately describe the tragedy we have watched unfold in the Bahamas. Those thoughts, feelings and emotions have been experienced by all who watched the videos, saw the pictures or tuned into news channels this week. How can we comprehend Dorian? What can we do to help? Where do we find hope? Total shock. Helplessness. Grief… Read More

We arrived in Fort Myers and are settled into a special slip at Legacy Harbour Marina. The trip across the state from east to west and through Lake Okeechobee was uneventful. The boater’s were all very courteous with wakes and locks. It was actually our best trip ever across the ditch. On our last morning, I captured the following photo… I see the beauty in the clouds and the reflection on the… Read More

From our post a few days ago, Ocean Spirit has done an about face…westward ho march. How a day can turn on a dime. Or a quarter in our case. The change in Dorian’s strength & southerly movement definitely caught our attention. We had a lunch discussion Thursday literally jotting down on paper the pros and cons of staying in Stuart or heading across the state. Then we flipped a quarter. Heads… Read More

Since returning from the Bahamas we have been hanging out at Sunset Bay Marina in Stuart.  The lower picture shows Ocean Spirit’s home for what has been almost three months. We settled into a spot on C dock in slip 11.Someone asked me yesterday how I was doing. I replied: “Living the dream…one hurricane at a time.” That was my honest answer 🙂 As I have mentioned before, this life is best… Read More

We have been very busy on Ocean Spirit. Busy as in extra special fun! We did have a slight change of plans, finding ourselves back in the US sooner than later. More on that in a minute, but for now let’s get to the pleasure of entertaining. We had the Jones family visit us for a week. That’s right…3 extra people in our approximate 500 square feet of living space for 7… Read More

The NE wind is blowing 25 mph, therefore not a great dinghy day, so it’s a good time to catch up on the blog. The timing is such on Ocean Spirit, though we publish this post, we are thinking nonstop about our family and friends back home who are experiencing unbelievable weather and flooding challenges. As we currently sway at anchor off Great Guana Cay in the Abacos, our constant thoughts are… Read More