What does one do after seven days of total consumption of a hurricane watch? Well, in addition to many thoughts and prayers for those who were in directs paths of the monster storm named Irma, this Ocean Spirit girl needed to get out and about. I took off on foot and bicycle as often as I could this past week. Pensacola has captured a part of our hearts and I wanted to… Read More

Reporting in from Pensacola. Early this morning we decided to stay, but not without alternative plans to abandon Ocean Spirit and stay on land tonight and tomorrow if conditions warranted. Thank you to our Sea-E-O and Mailbox Money pals for the offers of opening up your homes to us. The lump in my throat from a seven-day Irma watch went from one of being anxiety filled to one of extreme and emotional… Read More

We have been on serious Irma patrol since Monday watching her (almost) every move by catching the NHC updates, Mike’s Weather Page and Marv’s Tropical Weather Updates, just to name a few. Preparing for a hurricane vs. the Oklahoma tornadoes we were accustomed to can certainly lead to an overload or an obsession if you will. I can assure you we have taken many factors (*listed below) into consideration in our decision to stay… Read More

A quick check-in to let you know we are in Pensacola, ready and waiting to head west if need be. Yesterday we spent most of the day glued to the updates trying to grasp which way this incredibly large storm might go. Our hurricane plan is to go to Mobile Bay and head north toward Demopolis AL. It would be a trek, but if we need to for safety, we will go…. Read More

My country, ’tis of thee……  I can no longer sit silent. I am not politically inclined…I just married one who is. I am not writing for a debate of the right or the left…I write weeping for this sweet land of liberty. I don’t want to see our country divided. I don’t want to see our history bulldozed into the ground. What has prompted me to speak out? It started with a… Read More

 ~ ~ ~  Here’s one more post then we will leave y’all alone for awhile!  ~ ~ ~ Picking up on the actual travels of Ocean Spirit and where we last left off…we had passed the barge on the back roads of the Intercoastal Waterway, so we continued to motor along and ended up in the town of Port St. Joe. We were placed on their 450-foot transient dock. This was a… Read More

We wanted to post an update as to our whereabouts in regards to the activity of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. We are currently docked at Palafox Marina in downtown Pensacola.We are safely tucked into the corner of the marina next to a massive Viking sportfish. The following picture shows our aft by the long blue bow of the sportfish. Palafox Marina has floating docks which will raise and lower with the water… Read More

We got underway on Friday August 4th leaving Fort Myers at 7:33 am, with the dock & condo neighbors seeing us off. It was a great day to be sailing with the wind and sea conditions almost perfect.A friend apparently hurried back to her 23rd floor condo near Legacy Harbour Marina to capture this photo of us proceeding down the Caloosahatchee River. This is one of the best photos we have ever… Read More

Why are we still hanging out in Fort Myers? Well…besides the quick-to-pop-up tropical storm Emily, we have a few other reasons we didn’t meet our expected July 15th departure. We thought we would be in the Florida Panhandle by now. The latest reason for another Plan B is a crack in our middle windshield. The crack began in our window, which is dual pane, last summer.  In early June we noticed an… Read More

As mentioned in our last post, within hours of our return to Legacy Harbour in Fort Myers, our air conditioning quit. Of course to lose this at the beginning of summer in the hot and humid conditions of Florida wasn’t a good thing. The good thing was a house-sitting opportunity that became available in Punta Gorda as Paul and Lynda were heading to Dallas for a follow-up doctor’s appointment. So for five… Read More