Happy Birthday in Heaven Jamie Benson! It was November 9, 1985, when you came into the world and made our lives complete. Today, we celebrate your 35th birthday. On this special day, I want to share a project I’ve been working on. A book I’ve written. It’s about you. It’s about us. It’s about the dream you inspired. It’s about persevering. It’s about trust. It’s about finding unbelievable joy after sorrow finally… Read More

Three weeks ago this morning, Ocean Spirit headed out of Shelter Cove Marina on Hilton Head Island. Phew, are we ever thankful Shelter Cove lived up to its name of being a shelter. We hid out all summer from hurricanes as well as keeping a very low profile in the world of covid. That was except of course, for a bike ride or two. I will miss their beautiful trails and the… Read More

Greetings to all in the midst of Fall 2020. This year of covid has been such a challenge for so many. Who could ever have predicted the changes our world has endured? We hope and pray this finds each of you well. We have been tucked in tight on Hilton Head since June 22nd, but will be heading out in a few days. Our decision to hide out here has been a… Read More

Greetings from Ocean Spirit. We have been in Hilton Head six weeks tomorrow and have thoroughly enjoyed our time here. We still maintain a very low social presence during COVID preferring to stay close to home. The daily exception is a long bike ride. The sixty miles of trails have not disappointed. There are many directions to turn to find the beauty of the island: …isolated trails…the best kind in 2020… …a… Read More

Ocean Spirit has thrown caution to the wind and rolled the hurricane dice. With a deep desire to get on the move again, we decided we could social distance as easily in South Carolina as we could in Florida. Therefore, we bid another fond farewell to what has become our winter retreat of Legacy Harbour Marina in Fort Myers. Our departure came on Wednesday, June 10th with a “see you later” wave… Read More

The past several weeks I have developed a rather weird routine. Just calling it as others may see it… I’ve resorted to walking in parking lots. It started out as a form of exercise…loosely using that word. In the mornings past, my ritual is reading for over an hour. I have a compilation of devotionals I sort through, using that time for my private moments of reflection, learning and prayer. I was… Read More

It’s been a while since I wrote a Spirit Sunday post. No time like the present: Palm Sunday 2020. The beginning of Holy Week. Right smack dab in the middle of the COVID19 crisis we are all trying to process. How do we make sense of all of this? I have no answers but I can think of what Jim’s Dad would say if he were still alive. He would loudly cheerlead… Read More

I’ve used the phrase ‘uncharted waters’ often in the past days. The coronavirus has stopped us all in our tracks. We wanted to check in and send a short note to our friends and family. We are currently in Fort Myers at Legacy Harbour Marina. At this time we plan to be here indefinitely having canceled all travel plans. The uncertainty of our world has us reflecting, pondering, being thankful and praying…. Read More

Happy New Year and Happy New Decade from Ocean Spirit!!!We check in today from Slip B10 at Legacy Harbour Marina in Fort Myers. Though this is a New Year’s post, we send each of you a greeting with Christmas JOY. Thanks to our boat dock neighbor’s son-in-law (Jon Benson…promise, no relation!) for capturing so expressively Ocean Spirit, our decorative message, the glitz of the condominium backdrop and the glimpse of a beautiful… Read More

It can be amazing what you learn when you visit……a bathroom. Whenever I can, I use one on land. OK, I know that’s too much information about a very personal issue 🙂 So, I’ll get straight to the point. Today, I made a return visit to a church I found last weekend. After spending a lovely Thanksgiving with dear friends on Anna Maria Island, we came back to an area near Sarasota…. Read More