NOTE: This post was written in a process over the past few days… We’ve been traveling in Maine for sixteen days. It appears we have been very lucky to have what I could only describe as mostly glorious weather days. Today (Tuesday, July 17) is gray. The fog has been dense. It did let up for a few hours drifting away in the early afternoon. It now covers Eggemoggin Reach again and… Read More

Picking up where we left off…Tip-toeing our way down-east, we are carefully watching out for lobster pots and rocks. Jim has become quite the pro at weaving in and out of the colorful lobster traps, and thank goodness for charts……that warn us in advance of rocks or shelves as we are trekking our way across Maine. Transiting an area at low tide helps too. It’s profound what a 10 to 12-foot tide… Read More

We have been in Maine waters for one week and are in total awe of the beauty of the state. We are slowly adjusting to a territory far different than any we have experienced before. There is much to see, so we are glad we have arrived a couple weeks ahead of schedule. A few of our goals, specific for this journey are…(and not in any order)… 1. To see a whale… Read More

HAPPY 4th OF JULY, Y’ALL! In honor of the United States of America’s 242nd Birthday, Ocean Spirit wanted to share with you a few of our very favorite patriotic pictures captured along the way. “This land is your land, this land is my land… We have roamed and rambled… From the Gulf Stream waters to New York Island… And all around me a voice was singing… This land was made for you… Read More

We didn’t plan on staying ten nights in Guilford, CT, but we did! The reason…mainly friends and… …the beauty of Connecticut, which can’t seem to be described in adequate words, therefore, will let a few pictures speak for themselves… Our first ever boating friends, Dave and Wendy, hosted us in this lovely town they get to call home. Well, that is when they aren’t aboard, Dream On, a sister ship to ours…. Read More

We have taken every opportunity we can to see some of the sights we missed on Ocean Spirit’s shakedown cruise in 2015. One of the most important goals we had was to see the 911 Memorial, the Museum and the new World Trade Center. From New Jersey, we spent a few nights in the protected harbor of Great Kills on Staten Island. Some or our Great Loop friends stated the Great Kills Yacht Club… Read More

We tucked into Manasquan Inlet last Friday night to wait out several days of (higher-than-we-desire) waves kicking up in the Atlantic. We enjoyed it so much, we stayed six nights. In fact to show you how much we really, really liked it…our time in the boroughs of Bay Head, Point Pleasant and Brick NJ, will get its very own post. Before I get to some details about this charming area, I must… Read More

Hoping each and every one of you had a relaxing holiday break. We joined in with all of America to pause and remember those who have defended our freedom by sacrificing their lives. We are checking in today from a port of call very appropriate to do just that: Annapolis MD. The last couple weeks took us to several places where patriotism was easily seen. Therefore at the beginning of today’s blog… Read More

Hello to each and every loyal Ocean Spirit-er! Today, marks exactly four weeks of being on the road again. We have spent 18 nights at anchor, 5 nights on a mooring ball and 5 nights in a marina. So far we have traveled 862 miles through Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and now, we are checking in from the town of New Bern, North Carolina. This is where it all started in 1971… Read More

As planned we left our home port of Legacy Harbour Marina on Thursday, April 19th. We were treated to a beautiful sunrise and the welcome help from our dock neighbor’s to toss us the lines. Thanks…Rich, Ed and Bill for making our departure easier. Well, that would be with the lines, no so much in the parting of friendships.We headed east on the Okeechobee Waterway also known as “The Ditch”. There is… Read More