WARNING…The following post could take all of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend to read!                         I am at a bit of a loss as to how to bring our blog up to date. Once we left Maine toward the end of August and began a southerly direction, I didn’t do a very good job of reporting. There were several reasons: we had long… Read More

We are back in Fort Myers! Whew…what a ride parts of the past six months have been. Well, in reality, we were gone one day shy of six months. Thanks to each of you for traveling along with us for the 4135 miles from Legacy Harbor Marina to the furthest east point of Northeast Harbor and back. The eight weeks we spent in Maine will definitely go down in our memory banks… Read More

A quick report to let you know all is well on Ocean Spirit. We only had high winds. Today we will remove the additional lines, place the canvas back on and continue our trek south. Tomorrow we will be full speed ahead (at 8 knots) toward Fort Myers. In the hurricane world we have been in the past 3+ years, Michael was so quick. There wasn’t much time to prepare. As we… Read More

We wanted to let you know Ocean Spirit has come to a sudden halt again, this time in southern Georgia. We are safely tucked into a slip at Brunswick Landing Marina, which actually advertises as a hurricane hole. We feel safe being here to ride out the East Coast impact of Michael. Currently we are in a Tropical Storm Warning, expecting high winds and rain. After arrival today, we prepped Ocean Spirit… Read More

Just a quick check in to say hello from Ocean Spirit and to let you know we are moving on down the road! After four weeks of waiting and watching pre and post Florence, we are now actively transiting south. We had hoped for a weather window to make an Atlantic outside run bypassing the area on the Intercostal Waterway that is currently impassable…and we got it!! The main issue of concern… Read More

I was extremely fortunate yesterday to find myself worshipping at the United State Naval Academy Chapel at the suggestion of Jim’s cousin’s wife, Carol. What a gift the day was to me! It’s been a long while since I’ve written a Spirit Sunday thought, so I thank you in advance for allowing me the opportunity to share…the anchor of my soul…my faith. After a week of Florence uncertainty, I needed to be… Read More

What a difference a day made in our lives this week. On Tuesday we transited 17 miles from our secluded spot in Mill Creek to a slip at Paradise Cove Marina in Pasadena MD. Once there, we settled in and waited for each NHC update on Florence. As the day progressed, I have to admit to being a bit shocked at the change from being in the cone to not even being… Read More

Our trek south had been going quite well, until Florence stopped us in our tracks…as well as everyone else on the East Coast. We are currently in the Annapolis area, having spent the past few rainy and windy days safe and sound, anchored in a quiet and protected cove. During this down-time, we have researched several options and/or plans. Oh, that crystal ball…where, oh where, are you? Though we appear to be… Read More

We are nearing the end of our summer in Maine. I write this sentence with a tear dropping down my cheek, but also with the utmost gratitude for being able to experience what we have in the past seven weeks. I have written many times before, one of the main reasons I write and continue to post on this blog is for a scrapbook for us in the future. One of these… Read More

NOTE: This post was written in a process over the past few days… We’ve been traveling in Maine for sixteen days. It appears we have been very lucky to have what I could only describe as mostly glorious weather days. Today (Tuesday, July 17) is gray. The fog has been dense. It did let up for a few hours drifting away in the early afternoon. It now covers Eggemoggin Reach again and… Read More