As we quickly shared with you in our last post, we had a successful crossing…..certainly the best kind! Below are pictures of the vessels we made the passage with. Buddy boating at its best. The parade of boats included Ocean Spirit, TOSCA II hailing from Calgary Canada and DC CURRENTS from Beloit Wisconsin:The players were Duane and Criss Johnson of DC CURRENTS and Alexandra and Rowland Harrison of TOSCA II:Winter had arrived… Read More

Just a quick note to say we are glad to report in from Clearwater Harbor Marina. Our crossing began from Carrabelle yesterday at 2:10pm and we arrived today at 11:30am. We started off with smooth conditions & the wave action picked up in the wee morning hours. Approaching Clearwater we had about 4000 crab pots, well maybe 400….ok at least 40 that were successfully dodged.😉Bottom line: We celebrated the 8,000 nautical mile mark… Read More

While we wait patiently at anchor off Carrabelle Beach for a crossing opportunity to trek back across the Gulf, I have taken advantage of the free moments and our hotspot for a final post of our time in Florida’s Panhandle. Many of you have asked why we have to cross the Gulf? The Big Bend area of Florida is known for its very shallow water, therefore there is no way to follow… Read More

Well Nate is over. I think we will always remember him as the perfect storm to cut our hurricane teeth on. We learned a lot about prepping Ocean Spirit and ourselves for a hurricane. One of us stretched themselves in their comfort level of a hurricane. I will let you guess which one of us that was 🙂 We remained in Homeport Marina for an extra day. There were two seventy-foot yachts… Read More

Just a very quick update to report in safe and sound on Ocean Spirit. All is very well! 👍⚓️  I will write more later but wanted to let any non-Facebooker’s know this old strong girl was a rock during Nate.  Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers! 

We have included the cover photo on this blog post for you to get the visual of where we are. We are tightly tucked into Homeport Marina in Gulf Shores. It’s almost as if the marina is down in a gully with twelve-foot cement walls surrounding us. The floating docks offer a huge additional confidence factor of dealing with the surge expected. We are truly in about the best place a boater… Read More

I have always liked the name Nate. Hoping & praying in a few days I will still feel the same way. We have been in Orange Beach for the past two weeks thoroughly enjoying the privilege of being at a peaceful private dock behind the beautiful home of new friends. In a future post we will share more details of our time spent here. Hint: We love the Orange Beach area and… Read More

I have posted several times from Pensacola but those have been about hurricanes or front porches. The following will attempt to bring you up to date on what we have been up to on Ocean Spirit besides watching the weather channel and bike riding. For starters, Palafox Pier Marina has a view to the west, so almost nightly we have had beautiful displays in the sky. Just like seeing dolphins, a sunset… Read More

What does one do after seven days of total consumption of a hurricane watch? Well, in addition to many thoughts and prayers for those who were in directs paths of the monster storm named Irma, this Ocean Spirit girl needed to get out and about. I took off on foot and bicycle as often as I could this past week. Pensacola has captured a part of our hearts and I wanted to… Read More

Reporting in from Pensacola. Early this morning we decided to stay, but not without alternative plans to abandon Ocean Spirit and stay on land tonight and tomorrow if conditions warranted. Thank you to our Sea-E-O and Mailbox Money pals for the offers of opening up your homes to us. The lump in my throat from a seven-day Irma watch went from one of being anxiety filled to one of extreme and emotional… Read More